mother is a gem to me, radiant beauty unmatched bring peace in my heart, so many memories we’ve been through, as a child I always loved with all my heart, and until now the mother is always striving for happiness her son, though he must suffer and have suffered the bitterness of the world . maybe I can not shed tears when his mother was prone to undergo this life, but my heart will be sore if a child does not want to admit their parents because their situation of deprivation, for example, has a lot in this life, the boy admitted the son of a nobleman to a friend the others because he was ashamed of the situation, and he did not want to admit that his parents had given him life, although they had to eat the carcasses of life. My memories with my parents, my childhood life completely lack, I’m willing away from my parents for the sake of reducing the burden of this life, and I was at my parents left behind by my grandmother lived in the village proper, ranging from school yet until I graduated high school, I will sometimes envy with other children so close to their parents, especially mothers, just imagine for more than 12 years rarely met by parents. even when asked what memories do you have with your mother? I are confused about what to say. but all that I can understand it even though sometimes I will to shed a tear.